In all my busyness of late, I sometimes forget to stop and look around me. But I did the other day, and that’s when I spotted the wildflower on the side of the road. Tall and exquisite and blossoming. And I realized that wildflower had been there all along; her proper identification is Sawyer Emily. She is my daughter. And she is one of the best writers I know. I’m handing her over to you for the summer. Sawyer just (very successfully) completed her freshman year at Loyola University in Baltimore, MD, where she plans to declare her major next fall in Global Studies with a minor in Writing/Journalism. And she’s agreed to take over Dirt Road Dossier while on summer break. Oh, we are so blessed! Don’t forget to stop and look around you every now and again, and enjoy getting acquainted with my wildflower.

Sawyer Emily