babiesAs I stumble (literally, I’m finding my agility is beginning to elude me!) into 2017 I reflect on so many things that did or did not happen in 2016,  milestones, and people and events having had an effect on me.  So that you can see how precious these memories are to me, I’m sharing my picture book!

Three events which decidedly had the most impact on me were the births of 3 precious babes.  On October 1st my best friend Amy’s first grandchild, Brookelynn Faith Marks, was born. Her arrival was followed on October 13th by the birth of my amazing great-niece, Palmer Lynn Darling.  Palmer is the granddaughter of my late sister, Cheryl.  Needless to say she is priceless; my heart is overflowing!  Not too long after on November 20th, (an impatiently long delay in the waiting room!) came Kyler Lotez Ringgold, son of my daughter’s childhood friend Adalea and grandson of Connie, another one of my best friends.  These three babes are treasures, reminding me so much of what it was like to hold close my own priceless treasures, Brady and Sawyer.   No one and nothing can nor will ever compare to the wonders of motherhood.  God Bless these precious little ones, and God Bless their mothers and grandmothers!


treasuresI look upon Brady and Sawyer now, and I feel as if I did something right!  The two of them have an amazing relationship, a wonderful friendship.

From visits to Sawyer’s campus at Loyola, eating lunch at Miss Shirley’s, hanging out (crabs, pizza, amazing sunsets!) and kayaking at Brady’s cottage on the Chester River, right down to picking out this year’s Christmas tree and the shared beauty of Christmas morning, this brother-sister duo has an unshakable foundation.  They always enjoy tormenting each other, and they always have each other’s back; they’ve been there for each other during the joyous times, the sad times and the difficult times.  They are as much alike as they are different, and one complements the other flawlessly.

I am beside myself with pride for both my children.  I love these beings with all of my heart, with every breath I take, always.  I can settle my heart knowing that these two will always be there for each other, mission accomplished!


While I am waiting around for grandchildren of my own (I’ve been assured it’s not in the near future), I’m trying to stay in kid mode by borrowing some from the neighborhood.  I’ve been honing some of those old skills while hanging out with Molly, Mark and Claire.  It kind of works this way:  Their Mom asks if I might be available soon to keep the kids while she attends an appointment or students aren’t in school (she’s a teacher, inservice attendance required).  And then I keep emailing and texting her, begging to get those children! We have a blast; I get to recoup my mommy days!  Bottom line, these kids have wrapped their little fingers around my heart and I’m thankful for them!



Some other reflections I’m thankful for:  My close relationships on the Scott family side; I’m blessed to call them family!  That crazy sister of mine, Vanessa, who I love to pieces! I ran my first 5k! My friend Amy is still a year older than me (in this photo Jess was pregnant with Brookelynn but we didn’t know yet)! My longtime friend Bobby didn’t hesitate to let me drag him to a Little Big Town concert; love ya Bob! My niece Delaney, another Scott family treasure! They say Sawyer looks just like her Mom, and with photo filters it’s pretty close! Our Comptroller purchased Jeanne’s Pumpkin Roll – does this grant me star status?!? I got to work side-by-side with my son at several events… dreams really do come true!


They say life can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forwards.  Most days I feel like I’ve lived life inside out, upside down and sideways.  At any rate, my path led me to Greg, and I am so thankful I chose the right fork in the road.  Or it chose me.  Never mind, I cut my own path!  This man has stood beside me through thick and thin, and always supports me.  He bumps into something, I bruise.  I cut myself, he bleeds.

He is the other half of Mill Stream Farm (the muscles, not the brains!), and I couldn’t do it without him.  He was the first person to encourage me to undertake this endeavor, and has helped me in every way imaginable.  He most times even manages to like my ideas once he gets used to them (or is forced to help me see them through)!  I wanted a chicken coop, he built the Taj Mahal of coops.  I need my own commercial kitchen, he gave up his garage (although the kitchen funding hasn’t materialized just yet!).  I dream it, he makes it come true.  Thank God I dreamt of him . . .


In 2017 I hope to achieve the success I dream for Mill Stream Farm.  There are many irons in the fire: a commercial kitchen, a FARMhouse home goods line, and a myriad of new products for the tasting!  God is good, life is good, and my cup runneth over!

Blessings,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Jeanne (The Pumpkin Roll Lady)

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