We have finally launched our new website!  Sometimes you need clean and simple, sometimes you need a little window dressing . . . with our new website we’ve managed to have both.

After many, many months (okay, yes, it was years) trying to figure out  how to do this myself, I finally realized “Hey, why try to teach an old dog new tricks when the tricks they have are pretty darn impressive already?!”  So thankfully I’m concentrating on my culinary strengths and am leaving the new tricks to the professionals.  This particular professional, Danielle Darling, also serves as my niece, and I don’t mind quietly bragging that she is TOP OF THE LINE in both aspects!

Some of Danielle’s improvements you will notice:

  • The site is now compatible with mobile devices, and folks can shop from their phones.
  • The overall organization and navigation of the site is more user-friendly.
  • Checkout is streamlined and more simplified now, with more accurate shipping costs for our customers.
  • Our blog, Dirt Road Dossier, is now fully integrated into the site.
  • Our upcoming events are displayed with helpful information and pictures.
  • We’ve added the ability for you to get social with our products and blog posts.  Share the homemade goodness via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Email.
  • Our newsletter signup form is accessible from every page so that you can easily keep up with Mill Stream Farm’s latest news, promotions, events, and more.
  • Easily connect with Mill Stream Farm on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn from the bottom of every page.

We hope you like our new look, we sure do!

Comment below with your feedback!  We’d love to hear from you.