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Since it is May, and Mother’s Day is coming up, I am posting my recipe for Quiche Lorraine in  memory of my mother, Lorraine Mae (Butcher) Beever.  My love of cooking and baking comes directly from Mom.  Although there are others throughout my life who honed my passion (shout out to Mom-Mom, Granny, Mom-Mom Lockerman), Mom was the one who always had dinner on the table at 5:30 p.m., and a dessert waiting for us afterward.  She always allowed me to help her in the kitchen (not something I do with my daughter; when Mama’s in the kitchen everyone else gets out!), and she shared everything with me.  Although we didn’t usually see eye-to-eye once I became an adult, I still had the best childhood imaginable, and I’m certain she, as a homemaker, is the one responsible for my domesticity, and who I am today.  So thank you, Mom, for passing those wonderful qualities on to me, and instilling in me the gratification of being a mother, and the extraordinary love I have for my children.