Support a Patriot

At Mill Stream Farm we are proud of our men and women serving in the military, especially our Eastern Shore Boys!

Show your support by ordering our cookies with customizable Patriot Packaging. The additional cost for every Patriot order is donated to a charity of our choice.  Find out more on the order page.

Those Close to our Hearts

SSG Steven Charles Ziegfeld, Jr.

SSG Ziegfeld is currently deployed to Afghanistan serving as the Company Standardization Instructor. SSG Ziegfeld spent his first 4 years in the military with the 101st Airborne where he was a Communications Specialist with the 2-17 Cavalry Squadron. He deployed to Iraq in 2003 ISO Operation Iraqi Freedom where he was a re-trans NCO for the Squadron. After leaving active duty SSG Ziegfeld joined the Maryland Army National Guard Read More >

Specialist Lucas Turnell

SPC Turnell also serves his  community in many ways, and is currently employed with the Salisbury Fire Department and serves with a MP Battalion for the Maryland National Guard.  Luke is the middle son of Jeanne’s partner, Greg.

Veteran Claude M. Turnell

United States Navy 1951-1954

A Navy veteran of The Korean War, Claude sailed aboard the Santa Maria. After serving in the Navy, Claude married a Frenchwoman, Simone, and they spent their early years in his hometown in Nebraska and later Alabama. Eventually they moved to Maryland where he spent many years working in radio communications for the school system in Montgomery County, where he lived with his wife and four children.  Mr. Turnell later married Helen and   relocated to Florida and then to the mountains of West Virginia until his death in 2010.

Corporal Benjamin Schorr

Corporal Benjamin Schorr, Scout Sniper having served in the United States Marine Corps, recently returned safely home from his last deployment serving his country. We honor him and our fond memories of his days on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where he inhaled many Gingersnaps in Ms. Jeanne’s kitchen . . . and Jeanne’s Tiramisu Roll, which is Ben’s personal favorite!

Corporal Drew Geib

Corporal Drew Geib recently returned safely home from his last deployment serving his country in the United States Marine Corps. We honor him and our fond memories of his days on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where he inhaled many Gingersnaps in Ms. Jeanne’s kitchen. Drew’s passion for Jeanne’s Gingersnaps served as the inspiration for our Patriot Packaging, where the first container was shipped to Drew while in boot camp.

Veteran Arthur W. Beever


A World War II Navy veteran, A.W. Beever served in the Pacific Theater and sailed aboard the U.S.S. Larson. Mr. Beever was the loving father of Jeanne (Beever) Scott. After serving in the Navy he spent his years as a general contractor, and later relocated to the Eastern Shore of Maryland with his wife, Lorraine, and their children. Having three children of their own and one adopted daughter (guess who!), they also fostered more than 65 children throughout their lives, a selfless act for which they received a Governor’s Citation.

Midshipman Jeffrey Sonberg

Another Eastern Shore Boy, Jeff knew at age 4 he wanted to join the United States Naval Academy and was involved with the Navy Sea Cadets at age 13. During his senior year in high school he applied to the Naval Academy; he didn't receive a nomination nor was he accepted. The following fall he applied again and again wasn't accepted. Read More >

Lance Corporal Brady Scott

Brady is our very own ginger. (Everyone loves a ginger!) Brady is why it all began . . . it was his kindergarten school fundraiser where his Mom’s Pumpkin Rolls made their debut. Having served in the United States Marine Corps, LCpl. Scott recently completed his service to his country and has returned safely home to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where he frequently visits Mom’s home to resume inhaling her creations. (Brady’s favorite is Jeanne’s Pumpkin Rolls, which he prefers warmed in the microwave). Here’s to Mom’s Hero! “Ooh-Rah & Semper Fi!”