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Dirt Road Dossier


Market Season

Hello Readers! Allow me to re-introduce myself; my name is Sawyer and I will be taking over the Dirt Road Dossier for my mother Jeanne Scott once again while I am home from college this summer! I’ve given you all of the gory details about myself before, so bear with [...]

Welcoming the New!

As I stumble (literally, I'm finding my agility is beginning to elude me!) into 2017 I reflect on so many things that did or did not happen in 2016,  milestones, and people and events having had an effect on me.  So that you can see how precious these memories are to me, I'm sharing [...]


Today I have to put myself out there and speak of what is heavy on my heart. Faith.  I believe we all have our own measurements of faith; I have family, friends, neighbors, loved ones, from all walks of life, with a myriad of views.  According to Merriam-Webster, faith is [...]

Time to Begin Gathering . . .

As many of you might have noticed from the fine print at the bottom of today’s allotted box on your planner (or from the plethora of Instagram posts about pumpkin spiced everything and cozy sweaters, let’s be honest here!), today is the first day of autumn! Today is an annual [...]

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