Hello, I’m Jeanne Scott, owner of Mill Stream Farm, home of the original Jeanne’s Pumpkin Rolls.

I’m a country girl, raised on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, and I live on a dirt road. Surrounded by woods and fields. Just the way I like it. Traipsing around the homestead, pulling weeds in the garden and cleaning out the chicken coop in my muck boots . . . and my pretty little dress. Remember, I’m a GIRL!

With my new blog, Dirt Road Dossier, I hope to achieve a lot of things. Mostly allowing you to feel like you, too, can be a tomboy in a dress. I AM ME. And ME is whatever I feel like being, doing, dressing, saying, on any given day. I may not be politically correct all the time, but I am always a lady. I’m the Martha Stewart for Country Girls . . . or City Girls. Whomever you feel like being. We’re the REAL DEAL!

What I’m trying to say, I guess, is that there is no mold. We don’t need to fit into an envelope. I like to tend my garden, coddle my hens, bake in the kitchen . . . I also like to get all pretty and go dancing, or to a party, and sometimes my work that day, whatever it is, is done in pretty little heels. I am ME, and I am complex. Aren’t we all? So let your hair down, hitch up your skirt, and be yourself!