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Pumpkin Cake

Here’s one of my favorite tastes of fall!  This warm pumpkin cake is moist and almost pudding-like, and is best served warm with a generous dollop of homemade whipped cream. (Read more)

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Texas Sheetcake

Texas Sheetcake is one of my favorite chocolates.  Chocolate itself isn't one of my favorite flavors (I'm a pure vanilla girl), but when ... (Read more)

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Quiche Lorraine

Since it is May, and Mother's Day is coming up, I am posting my recipe for Quiche Lorraine in  memory of my mother, ... (Read more)

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SSG Steven Charles Ziegfeld, Jr.

SSG Ziegfeld is currently deployed to Afghanistan serving as the Company Standardization Instructor. SSG Ziegfeld spent his first 4 years in the military with the 101st Airborne where he was a Communications Specialist with the 2-17 Cavalry Squadron. He deployed to Iraq in 2003 ISO Operation Iraqi Freedom where he was a re-trans NCO for the Squadron. After leaving active duty SSG Ziegfeld joined the Maryland Army National Guard Read More >

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Welcoming the New!

As I stumble (literally, I'm finding my agility is beginning to elude me!) into 2017 I reflect on so many things that did or did not ... (Read more)

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Today I have to put myself out there and speak of what is heavy on my heart. Faith.  I believe we all have ... (Read more)

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Time to Begin Gathering . . .

As many of you might have noticed from the fine print at the bottom of today’s allotted box on your planner (or from ... (Read more)

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School’s Out!

SCHOOL’S OUT FOR THE SUMMER! Every year summer promises freedom and adventure for all, whether it be used to complete long-forgotten projects or ... (Read more)

By | June 13th, 2016|1 Comment

Back on the Farm

Dear Readers: If you keep up with Mill Stream Farm news, or if you’ve ever had the fortune of bumping into my Mom at ... (Read more)

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Spit-Shining the Old Stuff

We have finally launched our new website!  Sometimes you need clean and simple, sometimes you need a little window dressing . . . ... (Read more)

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